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Downtown Square

Here’s a little history: Settlers in the towns of Tullahoma and Pittsburgh (both founded from Choctaw Indian land ceded to the U.S. by the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek in 1830) gathered to incorporate the town of Grenada by staging a mock marriage between a Tullahoma Bride and a groom from Pittsburg. The wedding took place on the site that is now Grenada’s Downtown Square, there was once a mural on First Street that depicted that “marriage of the towns,” but it has recently been painted over because the building it was on has been restored.


Marriage Mural



Molly’s Place Bar and Grill

The Downtown Square is now the heart of the Grenada Downtown Innovation District, an organization making an effort to renovate the square. In the past few years, 16 new businesses have opened up downtown, including 7 shops, 2 restaurants, and 1 bed & breakfast – all walking distance from the Square! Good eats and great drinks are whipped up fresh at Orlean’s Bistro and Molly’s Place, and Square Market offers a warm, family environment for sweet cafe style drinks and treats. A block away from the Square, you’ll find the famous Spain’s Supermarket that’s known for their meats across

Big George Brock (left) and Eddie Willis (right) in front of the Grenada Blues Trail Marker located on the Downtown Square

the country, out-of-state shoppers drive to Grenada just to go to Spain’s! Next to the clocktower on the Square, there is a Grenada Blues Trail Marker that tells about the history of some local talent. Visit the Grenada Blues page read more about the blues musicians!










Cypress at the Swamp

5 minutes down the street from the Square, you’ll happen upon the Lee Tartt Nature Preserve and Chakchiuma Swamp, where you can take a stroll through the swampy trails to see the native wildlife, or have a picnic on the observation deck overlooking a bounty of Cypress Knees! The nature preserve hosts many events open to the public each year, including nighttime bat watching, wild cordage braiding workshops, and guided lantern tours of the swamp! Kayaking is a must-do experience here for the warmer months when the water is high enough for paddling.






Pickin’ at the Square

The square is home to many public events, including the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting (and other Holiday festivites!), Grenada Christmas Parade, the Grenada Afterglow Film Festival, and the long-running Downtown Jubilee. There are two event venues on the Square, which see a multitude of weddings, reunions, and special events every month – so with all these things combined, you can almost always find a reason to celebrate in Downtown Grenada! Every Monday evening on the Gazebo (if the weather is warm) or inside one of the businesses (if its cold out), Bluegrass and Gospel musicians gather for a jam session at Pickin’ at the Square. This is a unique experience to sit back and watch, but the mic is open for anyone who wants to join in! If music isn’t your thing, drop in to one of the monthly antique auctions at Gale Auction House on First Street. Don’t forget your wallet, cause you’re sure to find a deal worth bidding on!




Lofts on the Square Bed & Breakfast and Jas. Cuff & Co. event venue

Looking for a place to rest your weary head after a long day of exploring Grenada? Lofts on the Square is the answer to your queries. This bed & breakfast has been recently renovated and pays homage to Grenada’s history through the room names (Check out the view from the Trusty’s room!), read more about the meaning behind the names here. The owners have built an extremely welcoming reputation and make it a point to meet each of their guests and make them feel right at home – and the homemade breakfast casseroles don’t hurt either!



With so many things to do and so many ways to enjoy to Downtown Grenada, we understand if you can’t seem to pack it all into one day. Visit our Day Trip Ideas page for a little extra insight on just the amount of time you need to block off to make the most out of your chosen attraction!


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