Advertising Agency RFP - Visit Grenada

Advertising Agency RFP

Grenada MS Tourism is requesting proposals (RFPs) for professional services for destination marketing advertising and production services. Grenada MS Tourism intends to contract with qualified agencies to support its continued recovery efforts, stemmed from the negative economic impacts of COVID-19. These contracts will be funded through federal ARPA dollars for Mississippi Tourism Recovery, II. As such, preference will be given to companies with offices in Mississippi or who employ Mississippi residents.  Please view the RFPs and supplemental documents below for more information on the scopes of work, how to submit a bid and deadlines on submitting a bid.

Please view the RFP information below on the scope of work and how to submit a bid. Responses may be received electronically at on or before 5:00PM CDT on Thursday, January 25th, 2024.

Advertising Agency Request for Proposals