Visit Grenada Safely

#VisitMS Responsibly

We look forward to welcoming visitors to Mississippi’s scenic outdoors and numerous tourism offerings throughout the state. Guests are advised to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines while both traveling to and visiting our beautiful state. Safe practices include washing hands regularly with soap and water, minimizing close contact with others, and maintaining a minimum of six feet of social distance from others. Visitors are also encouraged to stay informed of additional public health guidance in local destinations throughout the state to minimize risk to themselves and others.

We will do our part to ensure all visitors can experience the joy of traveling to Mississippi. We thank you for doing yours.

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We care about your safety as you visit Grenada. Most of our shops and restaurants are open to limited capacity; to find out about a particular store or restaurant, call or visit their website.

To help the community re-open while protecting the public from the spread of COVID-19, the City of Grenada has passed an ordinance that requires all employees and customers to wear a face covering when entering any business.

Visitors are advised to follow CDC guidelines while visiting Grenada, just as any other destination. Safe practices including washing hands regularly with soap and water, minimizing close contact with others by maintaining six feet of social distance.

The outdoors are always open for a socially distanced adventure. Fishing, hiking, camping, and all other outdoor activities are still possible and safe.

Plan your trip to enjoy Grenada’s outdoors, responsibly.

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